Designing systems and solutions for human interactions when stakes are high, moments are fleeting and actions are critical.


HVHF Sciences conducts research and develops solutions for the success of its clients in their quest to build robust, reliable and winning human-system solutions. The major thrust of HVHF Sciences is to deliver focused solutions to its clients, whose products or systems good performance are contingent on the success of the "human factor" (e.g., end-user, physician, pilot, soldier, firefighter, officer,among others) in their critical interactions with a human-machine interface or within a sociotechnical system. more info


HVHF Sciences serves industries that design and manufacture critical products, infrastructure and control systems that range from transportation, medicine to defense. more info

Mission Critical

The science of HVHF is centered around understanding human performance - cognition and decision making - in, and developing solutions for, mission critical domains when stakes are high, moments are fleeting and decisions are critical. more info


HVHF Sciences conducts both basic and applied research to provide deeper insights to a client problem, particularly on the human factors issues pertaining to their product or system; furthermore, HVHF Sciences can bring latest insights from fields as varied as neuroscience to behavioral economics to provide the intellectual foundation for a client to advance their state of the art and break into new markets or develop paradigm shifting interaction and system solutions. more info



Mission Critical Domains

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